I tasted a version of this salmon taco at a restaurant with industrial decor and interesting twists on classic dishes. I loved that it oozed a warm spiciness. I ordered it on two separate occasions, before I worked up the nerve to ask the chef for the recipe. The chef kindly sat with me and rattled off the ingredients, which I scribbled on a paper napkin. I took the napkin home, clutching it like a treasure map, and tried it the next day. It was good, but…something was missing. That warm spicy flavor. Hmmm. When I went back, months later, I mentioned the missing spice to the chef and he slapped his forehead like a V8 commercial. “The Valentina sauce,” he said. “I forgot the Valentina sauce.” Turns out that Valentina sauce is a popular hot sauce manufactured in Mexico, in a hot and extra hot version. It has a warm citrus flavor, and you can find it in most supermarkets. I used the mild version here, and felt as happy as I did the first time I tasted it in the restaurant. It’s healthy, it’s easy, it’s versatile and fast, and that makes it a perfect bitediabetes recipe.