Ah, the holidays. People sipping on champagne and nibbling on bonbons. What's a person with blood sugar problems to do? The answer is this chocolate fondue: something small but still luxurious. A modest chocolate snack goes a long way towards banishing the "Boo hoo, it's the holidays and I can't eat any of the good stuff" syndrome. New research says that chocolate isn't bad for you, especially when you use the dark stuff (it has less sugar). The American Diabetes Association says that you can enjoy foods like chocolate so long as you practice portion control. I used two chocolate squares here, which works fine for me, but check that with your nutritionist. Fresh strawberries are easy and contain a surprising amount of vitamin C, which helps boost immunity (that's important for diabetics). So grab hold of a strawberry, dip and swirl — it's fun and satisfying.

Recipe: Chocolate Fondue With Strawberries


  • 3 ounces fresh strawberries (about 5 medium)
  • 2 individually wrapped Lindt chocolate squares (about 70% cacao)
  1. gently wash and dry strawberries; make sure the berries are dry, or the chocolate dip won't stick
  2. place the 2 unwrapped squares in a very small bowl. Microwave on half power for about 1 minute, just until the chocolate is melted. Chocolate burns easily, so check it at the 45 second mark.
  3. dip the strawberries in the chocolate, one at a time, and enjoy

This recipe makes servings.
Nutrition for one serving is as follows:








Saturated Fat

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