Years ago I had a recipe for a fruit crumble that combined raspberries and dark chocolate in the bottom fruit layer. It made me a hero at more than one dinner party. That was a big deal recipe, where you filled a large pan with sweetened fruit and flour-and-butter topping then baked it for close to an hour. Not surprisingly, it had a ridiculous amount of carbs and calories. This is not that recipe. This is an off-the-cuff recipe — an individual portion that is ready in minutes. I got rid of the sugar overload in the fruit bottom (it doesn’t need it), and replaced the white flour with lower-carb almond flour. It does make a small portion (hey, there”s maple syrup in there) but it will satisffy those times when you crave sweetness and indulgence rather than volume. There’s lots of room to get creative here: substitute blueberries or strawberries if you don’t like raspberries, and top the crumble with a tablespoon of vanilla yogurt. And here’s another nice perk; the recipe calls for more topping than you need. Keep the remaining topping in a plastic bag in the frig or freezer, ready to be used as a last minute treat on another day.