Love chocolate? I do. During my school years, I had the same chocolate bar every day: Neilson’s Treasures. Each bar had six milk chocolate squares, and each square was filed with something different. I can remember them all: nougat, strawberry, praline, caramel, Bordeaux and Turkish Delight. I still have no idea how they made them. To me (a food obsessed child), each square was a little treasure.

These days, chocolate bars aren’t in my diet too often. Instead I make my own little treasures: chocolate bark. It’s really easy, and you can add in whatever good things you like: almonds, pumpkin seeds, the grated rind of any fruit. Just don’t add sugary things like crushed candies, or the sugar stats will shoot up dramatically. Here’s some suggestions for keeping your chocolate cravings in check:

Make it dark: Dark chocolate sometimes has more fat and calories than milk chocolate, but it has fewer carbs and a healthier profile overall. Dark chocolate is full of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, lots of iron, four times the fiber, and half the sugar of milk chocolate.

Make it small: A large portion of chocolate rakes in a lot of calories and carbs, so you have to make it small. The idea is to take some time to savor each small bite. Let it melt on your tongue; enjoy the richness; that is its own kind of satiety.

Learn how to eat chocolate: There are books on how to eat chocolate. Really. The point is not to just pop it in your mouth (so fleeting). For tips go to It starts like this: “Begin by snapping the chocolate in half. Inhale and ponder the aromas you can sense”.